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Maybe some of you actually do this, and frankly it disgusts me. This is just my opinion, and if you don't like it then whatever. But artists are doing these "contests" to which they will pay out a sum of X amount of dollars to draw art of their O.C. They claim they want art of their O.C., so they'll hold a contest. This basically means they will get a bunch of free art and award the sum of barely anything at all to the winner, claim the free art, essentially scamming every single person who entered the contest. They basically look for professional artists to go all out and slave over it, and once they farm great pictures and are satisfied with the outcome of like 20 pictures, they close the contest and award the winner.

You know, the contests are bullshit and people who fall for it just to win a sum of cash are just playing to the contest holder. They are just getting free art and most likely make good money anyway based on commission prices/their irl job, but are too cheap to actually spend their own money on art so they just hold "Contests" so people just draw their O.C. for them.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

Achievements in the fandom: Being inclined to create a detailed guard O.C. at the start of the show, Slash is one of the original guard ponies of the fandom!…

(Twitch Livestream:… )

(New Bio)

Character Name: Slashing Prices

Character Race: Unicorn

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 25

Cutie Mark: Crossed Swords

O.C. Family: N/A

Sexuality: Bisexual


Occupation: Lunar Guard

Short Backstory: Slash was born originally in Trottingham to Dashing Looks and his mother Jade Prism. After growing up and witnessing guards going off to fight battles as well as seeing them on patrol, he decided to become one when he grew up. To do this however required him to leave his family in Trottingham and head for Canterlot. After his basic training, he eventually rose in the ranks after a few years, proving his skills in swordsmanship on the battlefield. He is now one of three Commanders stationed in Canterlot. His current residence is in Canterlot. He lives in a mansion called "The Price Estate".

O.C Mentality: Slash is a very friendly and helpful pony. He is calculative and calm in many situations, as the lunar special forces have taught him during the war days. Motivation comes from images of his friends and loved ones. It's rather easy to get on his bad side.... Slash also has a sword that he named Kaosu Riron. (Chaos Theory) (Sword is in this picture:…)

O.C Tendencies: Slash tends to be enlightened by combat. The rush and adrenaline from fighting has made him into a great sword fighter and all around war-chiseled Commander. He also tends to be up front in combat, leading his troops to glorious victory. He does get angered easily if the tide of the battle begins to turn against him. He engages in combat only when it seems necessary to do so.

O.C Special Talent: Gifted in the art of sword fighting and combat

More Story: After growing up and witnessing guards going off to fight battles as well as seeing them on patrol, he decided to become one when he grew up. To do this however required him to leave his family in Trottingham and head for Canterlot. His education came first, and with his graduation from school and the money given to him by his parents to set him on his way, he made the journey to Canterlot.

The ranks of the Solar Guards awaited Slash once he arrived in the capitol city. There was a problem, however. Once he had arrived at the recruiting stations he noticed that there were two lines. Slash asked the instructor why there were two lines and not one. The guard told Slash that Princess Luna had returned and reinstated the Lunar Guards. Everyone had heard of Princess Luna, but to Slash it was an opportunity to capitalize on her return. He moved from the Solar line to the Lunar line, cutting in front of everyone just so he could get to be a guard before the rest. The pony behind Slash had an angry look on his face, and muffled a phrase to himself. The instructor gave him a cold look, followed by a hard slap across his face. The pony behind Slash had an angry look on his face, and muffled a phrase to himself.

"Who do you think you are trying to get in front of everyone else, huh? What's your name," asked the guard?

Rubbing his cheek with his right hoof, Slash gave a hard glance back to the instructor.

"Slashing Prices," the navy blue stallion replied in a rather defiant tone.

"Slashing Prices...what kind of a name is that? Sounds like a made up name if you ask me," the guard said with a few laughs being added in!

"My mother and my father decided to give me the name. She was a salespony and my father was a guard. Each got a piece of themselves in me," Slash said to him.

"Whatever! Your story doesn't impress me, kid. You want to impress me, do it in basic training," boomed the guard!

Basic training was awful. He had no combat experience whatsoever and all of the instructors were watching him like a hawk because of how he cut in line. They pushed him harder than the rest, made him do more chores, embarrassed him for no reason. It was tough....but he never quit.

After his basic training, the 1st regiment was hereby established by Luna herself via a ceremony hosted by her highness. Slash stood proudly with his brothers in arms, their armor gleaming from the moonlight that was beaming in through the windows in the castle's royal hall. He had made history simply by changing lines....This was where he belonged.

Throughout his service to the guards, he eventually rose in the ranks, proving his skills in swordsmanship on the battlefield and his cooperation with his brothers when times were tough. He went out of his way in most situations, simply to prove that the 1st Regiment Lunar Guards would be the first, the best and the only last defense. Ponies from all over Equestria have witnessed the brave pony leading from the front, dragging injured ponies back to safety and taking hits that others should have gotten. People call him a regular "Colt Scout" simply because he respects everyone so much and will go out of his way to help them. Word of the 1st Regiment spread throughout Equestria. Ponies from all over had their ears perk up in excitement when they heard the chilling tales of battle that these brave ponies have been through! They flocked to Canterlot in droves, signing up with the Solar, but mostly, the Lunar Guards. Slash has certainly made a name for himself, and has caught the eye of plenty of mares...and stallions, thanks to his efforts to keep Equestria a safe place.

However, there was one big issue. Slash desperately wanted to become a General. Commander was a great spot, but being a General was his dream. However, there was one individual who had become jealous of Slash's actions and had sworn to prove himself better than the navy blue stallion. Iron Bark: The pony that was in front of the line until Slash cut in front. If he was first, he could have had all the fame, all the attention! Instead here he was, a regular grunt just like the rest. Well no more! Iron committed himself to getting to the top by any means necessary. He made threats to others, bribed, even cheated on his exams for rank promotion. He ascended the ranks quicker than anyone in the Lunar Guard and hit General in less than a two years. When Slash had gone to the committee for permission to become a General, he was surprised to see Iron Bark, the leader of the committee. The clever pony had already bribed the rest of the members to deny Slash entry into his dream. Slash did not expect the rather harsh decision of the committee, and dismissed himself from the room. Iron had won, and as long as he was on the committee, Slash would not hit the rank of General. After the meeting had took place, Slash asked them all the simple question of "Why?" They feigned ignorance, saying that he just was not at that point yet and needed to put more work in. Now, Slash knew that was a heap of dung due to the fact that the higher ups personally recommended him. He had to get to the bottom of this...

Slash had made a few friends in the guard. To name a few: His instructor that slapped him, Steel Hilt. After proving his worth in basic training, Slash made a friend in Steel. Another personal buddy of his was Bronze Hoof whom he met in training. Slash asked the two for their assistance in investigating this matter and they gladly accepted. (Note to self, continue from this plot point)

Together with his friends, the trio of stallions had asked around, gathering up evidence from rumors in the barracks. Until something concrete came actual truth to put the rumors to rest. Iron Bark was given a substantial amount of money from an unknown source, and then, used that money to bribe the committee! With the information gathered, the trio would move to the committee...

Iron Bark was charged by an unbiased council with bribery, and the committee that rejected Slash was dismissed from service and replaced with new members. However, Slash was still not promoted to General. The explanation? He was just too young. He needed to fulfill more requirements to become such a high rank. It would take quite a while... What things would he have to do? What adventures would he experience? Only time will tell!

Slash has the honor of being one of three Commanders stationed in Canterlot. He wears the badge proudly when he's on patrol. But to him, it's more than just a badge: It's a way of life. Helping those in need is in his blood, and he'll do anything to make sure people have smiles on their faces.

His current residence is in still in Canterlot. Thanks to his rather high pay and bonuses for doing unthinkable things in battle and off of the field, he has bought himself a medium-sized manor that he has dubbed: "The Price Estate".


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